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Marcus Rush signs with Chiefs

The preseason pass rush demon looks for a new chance.

The 49ers-Chiefs pipeline continues! Well, indirectly at least.

The Chiefs have signed former 49ers pass rusher Marcus Rush, releasing Tourek Williams, according to beat writer Matt Derrick. The move comes three weeks after the Jacksonville Jaguars released Rush. He went through waivers, but nobody claimed him.

Rush was a preseason beast last year, leading the NFL in sacks, and putting together quite the highlight reel of big plays. However, Pro Football Focus graded him out as one of the worst run defenders. The 49ers cut him at the end of camp, and after nobody claimed him off waivers, he spent much of the season on the practice squad. The Jaguars signed him off the 49ers practice squad in December, and he spent two weeks on their 53-man roster.

Rush will get a chance to compete for a spot in the Chiefs pass rush, but as a late May signing, his chances are not great. I would not be surprised if we heard his name popping up again in preseason broadcasts, but I don’t expect to see him on the Chiefs roster when the season arrives.

That being said, Chris Biderman probably summed it up best.