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Rashard Robinson says he is up to 190 pounds

The 49ers will look to Rashard Robinson as a leader in the secondary.

The San Francisco 49ers currently list cornerback Rashard Robinson at 177 pounds, but he is apparently moving past that. Robinson told Jennifer Chan on Wednesday that he is up to 190 pounds, and ready to go.

Robinson’s size has been a concern. In a league where receivers can get more physical with friendlier rules, a cornerback needs any advantage he can get. The 49ers are moving to a defense similar to what Seattle plays, and the cornerbacks are expected to be aggressive with their opposition.

Getting up to 190 pounds could be a bit boost for Robinson as he prepares for what will likely be his first season as a full-time starter. He was the first corner off the bench last season, getting some starts when Jimmie Ward got hurt. Robinson will be one of the veterans in the room, and while Keith Reaser and Dontae Johnson suddenly have the most experience among the cornerbacks, Robinson will be expected to emerge as a leader of this group.

Speaking of leaders, Robinson’s location for his post-practice interview had the perfect backdrop, courtesy of this picture by Jennifer Chan.