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49ers to honor Dwight Clark for Cowboys game

Let’s hope they replay “The Catch” repeatedly during the game.

The San Francisco 49ers are holding their State of the Franchise event, and they made a notable announcement. The team will have themes for each game, and the most fitting will take place October 22 against the Dallas Cowboys. The team will have their Cancer Awareness event that day, but will also honor wide receiver Dwight Clark.

Earlier this offseason, Clark announced that he is battling ALS. The member of the 49ers Hall of Fame has remained a prominent face among 49ers fans, and it will be great to see him honored once again. And I love the fact that they chose the Cowboys games to do this.

I imagine we’ll see “The Catch” replayed during the game. Ideally, they should just replay that entire drive over and over again during the game just to rub it in a bit. The 49ers will face a tough game when they face the Cowboys, but they can always ride the huge historical win!

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