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49ers to bid on Super Bowl 57 & 58

The 49ers will look to build on their Super Bowl 50 hosting bid.

The San Francisco 49ers hosted Super Bowl 50 at Levi’s Stadium, and they are getting ready to jump back in the ring. The 49ers announced on Wednesday that they will put in bids for Super Bowl 57 (2023) and 58 (2024).

The NFL has announced Super Bowl locations through 56. Super Bowl 52 will take place in Minneapolis next year. That will be followed by Atlanta (53), Miami (54), Tampa (55), and Los Angeles (56). The NFL had originally announced LA would host 55, but heavy rains this year have delayed construction of the stadium. The NFL requires a stadium be open two full regular seasons to host a Super Bowl, so LA was swapped with Tampa.

I was able to get out to San Francisco and Santa Clara for Super Bowl 50. The city of San Francisco did some great work for events leading up to the game. I was able to take the media bus down on game day, so I avoided traffic. It seems like things worked out fairly well getting fans in, but the extra distance between San Francisco and Santa Clara was not exactly ideal.

Al Guido said the team hopes they will boost their bid chances with development in the area around the stadium. Part of the plan in building the stadium was to launch a broader redevelopment for the surrounding neighborhood. It’s been slow going, but by the time Super Bowl 57 or 58 arrives, the hope is to have extensive commercial development around the stadium. If they do get that done, it will be interesting to see how they apportion events around the Bay Area.