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Watch Reuben Foster’s big hit on Leonard Fournette

The day after the San Francisco 49ers selected Reuben Foster with pick No. 31 of the 2017 NFL draft, I was in our New York office chatting with one of our college football writers. There were some videos floating around of big hits involving Foster, but he mentioned one that was particularly big. He thought it was easily the biggest of Foster’s career, and came early in his sophomore season.

The video above shows that hit. It features Reuben Foster on kickoff coverage, and LSU’s Leonard Fournette back deep to return the kick. The kick is bounced to Fournette, which gives Foster time to get down the field. Foster then absolutely crushes Fournette on the tackle.

There are concerns about Foster’s shoulder, and it is reasonable to be concerned. The big hits like this are the good and bad that come with Foster. There will be some injury concerns, but then you’ll see huge, critical hits like we’ve seen from some of the past great 49ers linebackers. Hopefully we get more of the latter, and if we do, we’ll see a lot of hits like what this one on Leonard Fournette.