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Golden Nuggets: Begin the rookie minicamp

Your San Francisco 49ers links for Saturday, May 6th 2017

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Here come the rookies! The San Francisco 49ers began their rookie minicamp Friday and I couldn’t be happier. The roster overhaul is as sudden as it is dramatic. A lot of the old roster holdovers from the Trent Baalke era have been handed pink slips while the new blood arriving show more promise than anything the 49ers have signed previously.

This is where you can be patiently optimistic. And yes, I said the same thing last year, this year.I look at what the 49ers have done, and what they’re going to do and I have to say at least they are doing it the right way. Right way being, I get all these signings. We need to be patient, we need to not be expecting results immediately, but I am digging everything John Lynch has put together. For those of you naysayers that still don’t think Lynch has what it takes, listen to an interview and tell me he at least ISN’T smart. Dude is, and I think that’s why he’ll succeed. Plus, it’s not a matter of fitting players into an offense, it’s fitting GOOD players into a GOOD offense. Get optimistic and get patient, 49ers fan. We may have a light at the end of this tunnel.

Plus, does anyone else see a lot of a correlation between Kyle Shanahan’s hire and Bill Walsh’s?

It’s a pretty normal Friday with the rookie camp. Here’s your links.

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What a horrible night to have a curse...