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5 Fun Facts about Trent Taylor [Video]

Learning more about 49ers fifth round pick Trent Taylor.

At 5’8” 178-pounds, the San Francisco 49ers fifth round draft pick and new slot receiver, Trent Taylor, is tiny, but mighty. He was Kyle Shanahan’s draft crush and on the first day of rookie minicamp, it was easy to see why. He gets open with ease, and once he does, he is off and running with explosive speed.

“…Coach you learn the offense more, as I learn more positions, I can switch to either the X or the Z or anything like that,” said Taylor. “So it just really kind of depends on the knowledge that you have of the offense, if you can switch from position to position.”

Before he made his way on to the field, I had the chance to talk with Taylor and learn more about him with 5 Fun Facts. He was great to talk to, and I believe he is going to end up a real fan favorite. Enjoy!