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I still love Drew Pearson trolling Eagles fans at the 2017 NFL draft

We’re a week removed from the 2017 NFL draft in Philadelphia, and I still love watching this video (got click out thanks to copyright issues). The NFL had a host of former players announcing draft picks, and given the rivalry history the Eagles have had with other teams, it is no surprise fans were booing like crazy.

The highlight of the former players, and I might argue the highlight of the entire draft, was watching Drew Pearson trolling the heck out of the Eagles fans. He thanked the Eagles fans for helping him build a great career. He named-dropped several members of the Cowboys organization. And when he announced the selection, Chidobe Awuzie, it capped off what felt like a fantastic wrestling promo by a much reviled heel.

We don’t like the Cowboys here, but this was a rare instance where I could full-heartedly get behind a member of the Cowboys. Hearing “Fly Eagles Fly” got pretty old during the draft, so whenever a rival offered some trash talk of his own, it was pretty great. The reason Pearson’s was so great is that he never even said anything bad about the city of Philadelphia or the Eagles. He talked about himself and the Cowboys organization. All Eagles fans could do was escalate their boos, and that only fired Pearson up further. Just absolutely fantastic work.