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Aaron Lynch might not be at his leanest, but we’ve seen worse

Lynch might not be at the height of physical shape, but he has looked worse.

When the San Francisco 49ers convened for their voluntary veteran minicamps a couple of weeks ago, one of the many topics amongst the beat writing group was the possible weight gain of fourth year veteran Aaron Lynch. The linebacker was a popular topic last preseason after the loss of the weight he gained during his wife’s pregnancy. This offseason, after watching warm up calisthenics, most of us agreed that what we saw wasn’t out of the ordinary. Lynch wasn’t terribly overweight, nor was he incredibly lean. He is a sizable man and he looked about what we expected, hence, I didn't report on his weight.

Over the weekend I was asked more specifics on what I thought about Lynch’s weight and as I mentioned above, I didn’t think it was enough to report on. After several retweets of my answer I decided to research what the fuss was all about. As a result I went back through photos I took of Lynch during minicamp which I have included below. I will note that Lynch has never been a lean or ripped player. He is big, but not as noticeably large as when he came into camp 40 pounds heavier.

Although Lynch’s weight may not be reason enough for him to be cut, it may be an indication of where football is on his list of priorities. With the new regime in Santa Clara focusing on passion and not making excuses, this could be a red flag. The roster lists him as 6’6 270 lbs. I’ll let you all judge for yourselves. He is wearing red tights and red and gold shoes.