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49ers just behind the Rams in Bovada 2017 win totals

The 49ers OVER is favored against the UNDER

Sportsbooks have slowly been unveiling their win totals since the close of the 2017 NFL draft, and is the latest to join the mix. Their number for the San Francisco 49ers is similar to other shops. They have the 49ers installed at 4.5 wins. The UNDER is even money, which means you bet $100 to win $100. The OVER is set at -130, which means you have to bet $130 to win $100. That means the OVER is the favorite.

The 49ers have the lowest initial win total for the NFC West. The Rams and Seahawks totals are even on both sides, while the Cardinals UNDER is a slight favorite.

Seattle Seahawks: 10.5
Arizona Cardinals: 8
Los Angeles Rams: 5.5
San Francisco 49ers: 4.5

The Seahawks have the second highest win total, topped only by the New England Patriots (12.5), and tied with the Pittsburgh Steelers. The Green Bay Packers and Oakland Raiders are just behind them at 10. The Patriots 12.5 win total number is the highest in the last decade. It’s safe to say the Patriots are going to be a heavy favorite of public bettors this year.

What are you inclined to bet on with the NFC West? I’m leaning OVER for the Seahawks, UNDER for the Cardinals, and OVER for the Rams. The 49ers are a tough one. I do think they could get up to five or six wins, but a four-win season just seems a little more likely. I’m a slight lean on the UNDER, but it’s a tough call right now.