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49ers will revive the Ring of Honor

The franchise took fan input seriously and in response, will bring back the Ring of Honor

Being a long time San Francisco 49ers fan, I grew up learning about the rich history of the franchise as I’m sure many of you have. I have many first hand experiences with the team but history is what makes us who we are, and that history was missing from the inside of Levi’s Stadium.

I know that the original plan was to house historic memorabilia in the 49ers Museum that is attached to the stadium, which by the way is very nicely done. Artwork and photos from the early years adorn many of the hallways and lounges of the stadium, but when you sit in your seat, what do you see? Upon one railing just below the top level, across from the press box it reads “5-Time Super Bowl Champions.” See if you can locate it in the picture below.

There are no retired numbers, no Super Bowl banners (yeah, yeah, insert your banner jokes here), and no evidence of a 49ers Hall of Fame which actually does exist. The most recent inductee to the 49ers Hall Of Fame was Charles Haley in 2015.

Apparently I wasn’t the only person to find this omission in the stadium disconcerting. Fans wrote in. Tons of them. Maybe even some of you reading this. And it appears to have worked. The team will be adding a ring of honor to the west side of Levi’s Stadium.

Team President Al Guido spoke about the coming changes at the State of the Franchise event and the team posted an article detailing how the appearance of the stadium will be altered. Below I’ve included a few photos from the 49ers official website. These are not the final plans, but an early rendering of what things will look like. This is just one of the many changes that are a result of fan input. The new look 49ers are doing their best to rekindle relations with fans and so far the turned over leaf keeps looking better and better.