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Kyle Shanahan mic’d up revealed a Top Gun discussion with Robert Saleh

I’m fascinated to know how Goose and Maverick showed up in the conversation.

The San Francisco 49ers mic’d up head coach Kyle Shanahan at practice this week, and while we wait for the full video, 49ers Studios put together a 53 second teaser video, which you can watch above.

We’re in for a treat once the full video arrives. In this teaser, we get a host of random play names, and some questioning of a coach’s shorts choice. But the highlight brings with it the most questions. At the 27 second mark, Shanahan is speaking with defensive coordinator Robert Saleh. The brief exchange is as follows:

KS: “You talk about Goose and Maverick.”
RS: “You don’t like that” [waves hands as he says it]
KS: “Oh I liked it.”

The video cuts to another scene at that point. I imagine the full video might reveal a little more, but in the meantime, what do y’all think was involved in this discussion? Top Gun remains a classic, and I am fascinated to know how this came into discussion. Both were born in 1979, the same year as me, so I imagine Top Gun was a big part of their childhood. I am fascinated to know what brought up Goose and Maverick in the conversation. Any thoughts?