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Pierre Garçon says being frustrated is just part of the process

Garçon says the defense being ahead of the offense is just part of the offseason

The San Francisco 49ers wrapped up OTAs and their last practice that was open to media before minicamp was dominated by the defense. Wide receiver Pierre Garçon was frustrated by the practice but says it’s just part of the offseason. It is common for this time of the year to be weighted towards the success of the defense, especially if a team has a new quarterback or a new offensive scheme. The 49ers obviously have both.

Garçon says “it’s coming along.” Being familiar with Kyle Shanahan’s offense puts him in a mentoring role on the offense along with quarterback Brian Hoyer who also knows the scheme. While Garçon says the offense has had productive sessions, we spoke to the receiver after a practice where the defense recorded two interceptions, five “sacks” and several PBUs. One of the interceptions was a pass from Hoyer that was intended for Garçon that was slightly behind the receiver. At times the defense didn’t even have to break up the play, as it seemed the receivers and quarterbacks weren’t always on the same page.

Garçon expressed his feelings about what stands out about what the defense is doing:

Apparently we can’t run the ball or throw the ball against our defense so everything is standing out. They are doing a good job with that front seven.

It’s very frustrating but it’s part of the offseason, things that you have to go through. The defense has to work on stuff, offense has to work on’s very frustrating but it’s part of the game. You just have to keep moving forward.

One element of the offense absent from open media practices has been the deep ball. Garçon says Hoyer has aired it out, but then added that he’s overthrown guys in practice. (Those guys being speed demons Marquise Goodwin and Aldrick Robinson.) Garçon also mentioned that the offense needs the deep threat to open up the field and that Hoyer will connect and get better.

Garçon didn’t elaborate on the “internal things” that he said were holding back the offense but did complement the defense. “We’re playing a good defense so we gotta stay on top of our fundamentals.” He stated that the offense has had better days while then adding, “some of the periods are scripted where some people are scripted for success.”

Garçon, while being frustrated, is continuously positive. He has been working with Goodwin and the entire receiving room to help him get better acquainted with the playbook. He also mentioned that while rookie Trent Taylor is still learning, he’s fast and very comfortable in the slot between linebackers. “He’s going to making a lot of plays for us this season.”