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Tom Brady joins Charles Haley in 5 Super Bowl ring club

I still like Haley’s picture better!

The New England Patriots handed out their Super Bowl rings Friday evening, and photos have been floating around of Brady showing off his handful of rings.

It’s certainly an impressive accomplishment, but of course, we know he’s not the first player to earn five rings during his career. Former 49ers pass rusher Charles Haley won two Super Bowls with the San Francisco 49ers, and then won three more with the Dallas Cowboys. Someone tweeted out his own iconic photo.

They are the only members of the most exclusive club among NFL players. There are others who have won more rings, but generally in a variety of roles. Bill Belichick now has seven rings, with two coming during his time as an assistant coach under Bill Belichick. Neal Dahlen has seven as well, having won five as a front office member of the 49ers, and then two more as general manager of the Broncos. The list of people who have won five or six rings is here. Bob Kraft joined Eddie DeBartolo as owners with five rings. Dan Rooney and Art Rooney have six rings from their time with the Pittsburgh Steelers in a variety of roles.

2017 will be an interesting year as the Patriots look to join the Pittsburgh Steelers as the only teams with six Lombardi Trophies. The Patriots are heavy favorites to win the Super Bowl this season. It would be a major upset if they did not come out of the AFC. It would be a bit surprising if they didn’t win the Super Bowl, but certainly not a shocker given how crazy things can go in a single game.

As for the 49ers, Super Bowl No. 6 remains a ways away. The team seems to be on the right track finally, but they would seem to be at least two or three years from being in serious contention. But maybe they surprise us sooner rather than later!