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NFL ranks Joe Montana’s top 5 comebacks

Nice little list there.

It’s Joe Montana’s birthday, and the official NFL Twitter account posted the fun video above. It features their ranking of the top five comebacks in Joe Montana’s career. The list includes:

  1. Super Bowl XXIII - Montana to Taylor
  2. The Catch
  3. 1983 NFC divisional round - 90-yard game-winning drive capped by a 14-yard touchdown pass to Freddie Solomon to beat the Detroit Lions 24-23.
  4. Week 7, 1994 - 75-yard drive in final 1:30 to beat John Elway and the Denver Broncos 31-28
  5. Week 2, 1987 - 25-yard touchdown pass to Jerry Rice as time expires to beat Cincinnati Bengals 27-26