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Jim Harbaugh offers more support for Colin Kaepernick on Rich Eisen Show

This comes following some words of quasi-support from the Dallas Cowboys QB coach.

Former San Francisco 49ers head coach Jim Harbaugh made an appearance on the Rich Eisen Show on Monday, and once again offered full-throated support for free agent quarterback Colin Kaepernick.

"I do believe that (he's an NFL starter), yes. He's still in his 20s and has been very successful at the NFL level as a starting quarterback," Harbaugh told the Rich Eisen Show on Monday. "My record is well-documented that I think he will win championships before his career is finished."

Harbaugh has repeatedly spoken out in support of his old quarterback. He has talked about his hard work and talent, but this time he offered a little something extra. He spoke to Kaepernick’s integrity.

“And the one thing you can count on with Colin Kaepernick is, he tells the truth. I've never, ever heard him lie to me or anyone else."

Harbaugh initially was critical of Kaepernick taking a knee, criticizing the idea of kneeling during the Anthem. However, after quickly correcting himself, he has offered up various comments about why he changed his tune. He talked about taking time to think about Kaepernick’s concerns, and eventually wrote an introduction when TIME included Kaepernick in their list of 100 most influential people. Harbaugh previously told Mike Florio on PFT Live that he thinks Kaepernick can win multiple championships.

Of course, one needs to be on a roster to win championships, and for the time being, that’s not happening. Last week, Dallas Cowboys quarterback coach Wade Wilson said that he thinks Kaepernick’s protest has turned off some teams.

“Personally, I do think it’s because of some of the stuff that he has done that will turn some teams off,” Wilson tells “FISHNATO” on 105.3 The Fan. “Now, is that fair or unfair? I don’t know. But I think it’s real, and you can put your head in the sand about that all you want. I think he’s a talented guy. He’s taken a team to a Super Bowl, he has a ton of talent. Now does his personal agenda get over the team agenda? I don’t know that, and I haven’t been around him enough to know. But like I said I do think he’s talented enough to deserve a chance to be on a team.”

Wilson’s comments are note-worthy because the Cowboys have been looking at quarterbacks to back up Dak Prescott. They claimed Zac Dysert off waivers from the Arizona Cardinals, and worked out Ryan Nassib, who eventually signed with the New Orleans Saints. I’d be curious if Wilson brought up Kaepernick at all, or if Jerry Jones made it clear they were not going to pursue the free agent quarterback.