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Kyle Shanahan to have BBQ, bouncy castle for 49ers’ families on Thursday

The 49ers will close out the offseason workout program with a family event.

The San Francisco 49ers have three days of minicamp this week to close out the offseason workout program, but like a lot of coaches, Kyle Shanahan is limiting things on the final day.

The 49ers have full practice on Tuesday and Wednesday. The team is not having a practice on Thursday, instead focusing on meetings and strength and conditioning work. Shanahan said the team will go through all the practice film they have, and then they’ll get a full workout in with strength coach Ray Wright. Shanahan joked that the players indicated they would have preferred a full practice.

Shanahan said normally he’d prefer a practice, but the final day of the offseason workout program is a tough one. He compared it to the last day of school, since players won’t be back until late July for the start of training camp. It is often one of the less unproductive practices, and rather than risk injury, Shanahan decided to not have the formal practice session.

Sometimes teams will have team-building activities, whether it be going to the movies or any other activity. Shanahan said that the team is having everybody’s families in for a BBQ following meetings and workouts. He also said they’d bring in a bouncy castle for the kids. All in all, it should be a fun time to close out the offseason workout program.