NN's Consensus 10 Most Important Players

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Fooch's note: This is a really fun idea. Have at it, y'all!

Yesterday, Fooch wrote an article about the Sports Illustrated list of their top ten most important non-quarterbacks for every team. I thought it would be a fun idea to have one for us here. Please place your list in, order from 1-10, and I will tally up all the lists and give our consensus top 10. Feel free to include quarterbacks in your list, since we don't have an obvious high quality quarterback.

I also think it will be fun to know who everyone thinks will be the biggest candidates for a let down this year. After this poll wraps up I will do another one for that. If you guys have any other suggestions please let me know!

Please only post the lists in the comment. If you'd like to explain your list please reply to your comment and give your reasoning. (this is just to help me with tallying up everyone's list).


Here is the second update with the 41 entries so far. There is a slight change since the first update. Buckner can no longer tell his grandchildren that he made everyone's list on Niners Nation.

  1. Buckner (282)
  2. Ward (254)
  3. Bowman (232)
  4. Staley (221)
  5. Robinson (170)
  6. Thomas (163)
  7. Hyde (127)
  8. Armstead (110)
  9. Hoyer (102)
  10. Garcon (86)

Honorable Mentions:

Foster (78), Brown (73), Juszczyk (55), Reid (52), Zuttah (49), Williams (46)

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