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Eric Reid: No contract talks yet with 49ers

Reid is playing under his fifth year option, and will be an unrestricted free agent next offseason.

The San Francisco 49ers decision to overhaul the front office and coaching staff has put talk of most any contract extension on hold for the time being. One player that impacts is safety Eric Reid.

A year ago, the 49ers exercised their fifth year option on him, covering the 2017 season. He is due a fully guaranteed salary of $5,676,000 this season, and then will be an unrestricted free agency next year. The 49ers do have the option of placing the franchise tag on him next year if they so choose.

On Tuesday, Reid met with the media before practice. He was asked about his fifth year option. He said there has not been any communication about an extension as far as he knew. He recognizes that this is a business, and is here to do his job.

“I look at it from a business standpoint. I mean, I majored at business at LSU before I left. They have me under contract. They don’t have any reason to talk to me right now because they still have me. I imagine that if I play well in the first half of the season, maybe they’ll reach out to me. Maybe they’ll reach out to me before training camp. I don’t really know. It’s whatever route they decide to take. I look at it as a business, treat it as a business, and I have a job to do, so I’m here to do it.”

It makes sense nothing has happened thus far. John Lynch and Kyle Shanahan have an offseason workout program under their belt, but there is a lot to figure out before anybody starts getting contract extensions.

This is particularly pertinent given the changes on defense. Reid is moving from free safety to strong safety. In the interview, he talked about how this is the first time since college that he has been in a defense where the two safety positions are not nearly as interchangeable. He is entering a new role, and while he seems perfectly suited for it, the 49ers will want to wait and see what the coming season brings with him. They could decide Jaquiski Tartt is the future there, they could decide Reid could be the future, or they may just decide a third direction is better.

I doubt we see anything before training camp, and really before at least halfway through the season, if at all. And really, that applies to most potential contract extensions of current players approaching free agency.