Starting QB For The 49ers in 2018: Tom Brady?

Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images

Fooch's note: I don't expect this to happen, but a Patriots fan I know said people are chattering about Tom Brady and Julian Edelman potentially leaving together and heading home to the Bay Area to close out their careers. No, I do not think it will happen, but it is a fun topic for discussion.

The good fellows at Locked On 49ers, Brian Peacock and Nick Winkler, brought up an intriguing possibility: Tom Brady as the 49ers starting QB in 2018.

There's all this talk about Kirk Cousins and even Jimmy Garoppolo being the targets for that spot, but Garoppolo did flash some intriguing potential in the handful of games he started when Brady was serving his suspension. If the Patriots are set on Garoppolo being that guy, it wouldn't make sense for them to spend a bunch of money just to keep him as a backup. Yes, the Patriots are among the favorites to win the Super Bowl this season, but don't be surprised if we see them start to work Garoppolo into the games more.

As great as Brady has been, he is turning 40 before the season and is definitely nearing the end of his career. Maybe there's still a part of him that's miffed after all these years that the 49ers didn't draft him, but he still reps San Mateo hard and if the 49ers show genuine interest in him (and flash some cash), maybe Brady can forgive them and play for the franchise he loved growing up.

The likelihood of this happening is slim, yes, but it's still intriguing, and if the 49ers have another killer offseason, they could be in a place where all they need is a QB like Brady, even a 41 year old version, to get them to the Promised Land.

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