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Best plays of 49ers minicamp - day two

The 49ers had their last practice on the field before the break - here are the best plays

The San Francisco 49ers wrapped up their last practice of minicamp and ran several team drills. They will still have a third day of minicamp but will not practice on the field. Instead, the team will have a two hour session with strength and conditioning coach Ray Wright.

After a better showing from the offense in day one, the defense regained control and dominated day two. During one drill, each of the three quarterbacks who participated threw an interception during their series. Here are the best plays of the day:

The following plays occurred during hurry up offense. Each series started with 1:20 on the clock.

Interception by Eric Reid

Quarterback Brian Hoyer attempted a throw to rookie tight end George Kittle in the flat. Reid jumped the route and snagged the ball for an interception.

Interception by Will Davis

Quarterback Matt Barkley threw deep to the right side of the field to wide receiver Aldrick Robinson but Will Davis ended up wth the ball in his hands.

Interception by Chanceller James

Rookie quarterback C.J. Beathard rolled out and threw a pass that looked like it was actually intended for James. Nearly the entire defense ran over to celebrate the defensive hat trick

Sack by Chris Jones

Beathard stepped back to throw and the pocket collapsed allowing Jones to get to the quarterback before he threw the ball to DeAndre Carter.

The following plays occurred during goal line drills. The ball was placed in various places inside the 10 yard line.

Hoyer to Pierre Garçon

The quarterback threw three touchdowns during red zone drills which included a laser to Garçon between the numbers at the goal line. He threaded the needle between Malcolm Smith and NaVorro Bowman. Hoyer's other two touchdown passes went to Carlos Hyde.

Barkley to DeAndre Smelter

Barkley and the 2s scored three touchdowns at the goal line. One was a pass to Kittle, another was a handoff to Tim Hightower. The best of the three was a throw to DeAndre Smelter who ran a crossing route. Barkley had to throw the ball between Brock Coyle and Vinnie Sunseri to get it into the hands of Smelter.

Beathard to Kittle

Beathard threw a pass into tight coverage by Lorenzo Jerome and Prince Charles Iworah. Kittle managed to jump up and catch the ball with his fingertips at the back of the end zone.

The remainder of the plays occurred in a “move the ball period” where if the offense doesn’t convert, they must punt.

Donavin Newsom with a hustle touchdown

A botched snap to Beathard hit the ground and Newsom quickly snatched the ball up and ran for the end zone.

Sack and swat by Jones and Jimmie Gilbert

Beathard got caught in the backfield for a would be sack by Jones. Without live hitting the play continued, but still to no avail for the offense as Jimmie Gilbert swatted it down to the ground.

Swat and near interception by Eli Harold

One of the more exciting plays of the day. Hoyer threw a pass over the middle and Harold was there to tip it into the air and into his own hands where he tipped it again, but just couldn’t hold onto it. The entire defense was cheering him on.

Sack by Arik Armstead

Hoyer got caught behind the line by the long arms of Armstead who played on the weak side for most of the day when the defense was in the nickel set up. He has played on the strong side in base defense.