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Brian Hoyer organizing throwing session with receivers before training camp

The new-look 49ers will get some valuable together time before training camp.

The San Francisco 49ers close out their offseason workout program on Thursday, and some of the players already have plans to workout together in the offseason. After Thursday’s final meetings and workouts, players and coaches can go their separate ways until training camp. Players can work out at the team’s facility, but they are not allowed to work with coaches until training camp starts.

On Wednesday, quarterback Brian Hoyer told the media the offensive players are organizing a throwing session for later this summer before training camp gets started. Hoyer said he will take a week off from throwing, and then once he gets back into a routine, he’ll get together with the receivers.

They will not be the only players getting together. DeForest Buckner previously mentioned that a handful of defensive players will meet up with Michael Bennett next month in Hawaii. Buckner said on Tuesday that the group will include himself, Arik Armstead, Ronald Blair, and Eli Harold. He said that Solomon Thomas told them he’ll try and get out there as well.

These certainly don’t take the place of formal team workouts, but they are helpful for several reasons:

  1. Chemistry is always a nebulous trait, but getting players on the same page seems valuable. And given all the turnover on offense, getting the quarterback and his pass catchers working together seems like a big plus.
  2. Younger players getting some time with older players to work on technique is beneficial, while also keeping the challenge going for the older players.
  3. Getting different opinions and discussions about how things can work is helpful. It gets different opinions that can be valuable for getting everybody moving forward together.