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49ers make it out of final practice with no major injuries

Injuries will come, but not for now!

The San Francisco 49ers wrapped up their final practice of the offseason workout program on Wednesday, and all in all, things are in good shape. The team has meetings and strength and conditioning work on Thursday, but they wrapped up their final on-field practice without suffering any major injuries.

The 49ers have dealt with some injuries during the program. Jeremy Zuttah and Bruce Ellington missed most of OTAs, but both returned for minicamp. Ahmad Brooks and Rashard Robinson sat out the two practices of minicamp, with Kyle Shanahan saying they’re tight for the time being.

“They're not hurt really bad, but stuff is bothering them. It's the last week before we take a month off. When someone is like that and they've been working every day and doing everything you ask and you don't ever see them being lazy, you trust their intentions are to be out there. When people tell you that they're hurting, you want to listen to that. You don't want someone to tell you that and say, 'Just fight through it,' and then one of them pull a hamstring. Then they spend their next month rehabbing their hamstring and then they come to training camp and they're out of shape. Then they really hurt their hamstring again and it's a chain reaction, which is why they end up having a bad year. Those guys have done everything I’ve asked. They've been here 100-percent. They worked hard in phase two, they worked hard in OTAs and they both have gotten nicked up. We don't want to risk injuring them.”

The 49ers will suffer injuries over the course of the coming season, because that’s just the nature of the NFL. They’ll suffer some injuries in training camp and the preseason, and then they’ll have some injuries during the regular season. They’ll send players to injured reserve, they’ll have players miss chunks of time. That’s just life.

But to get through the offseason workout program in relatively good shape is a big positive. There are two major things to take away from the offseason workout program. What the depth chart looks like and what the injury report looks like. We don’t have any final answers on the depth chart, but we know the team is in good shape heading into the break before training camp.