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Ian Rapoport lists Marquise Goodwin as his favorite 49ers addition

The wide receiver brings crazy speed to the 49ers passing game.

The San Francisco 49ers were plenty busy this offseason, overhauling the roster through extensive work in free agency and the draft. I’d imagine everybody has their favorite addition, although given the volume, maybe you like a few of them!

NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport recently chatted with the’s Joe Fann and he offered up his “favorite addition to the roster.”

“How about Marquise Goodwin? He’s someone who, for whatever reason, didn’t get a great opportunity in Buffalo. He can absolutely fly. He’s starting to become a football player opposed to a fast track guy who can jump. I don’t know what he’s going to become, but if there’s anyone who can utilize speed, it’s Kyle Shanahan and what he does on offense. We saw that with Taylor Gabriel, who was previously cut by the Cleveland Browns and went to the Atlanta Falcons and became a star. I wouldn’t be surprised if Goodwin had a similar situation.”

Given the question marks on offense, Goodwin does qualify as a particularly intriguing addition. We know more or less what the 49ers get in Pierre Garçon. He’s a steady receiver who will likely be a go-to guy for Brian Hoyer. We know more or less what the 49ers get in Jeremy Kerley. He’s a steady slot option who will get plenty of looks, and while he lacks much in the way of upside, he likely has a nice floor.

Goodwin on the other hand offers something the 49ers don’t have in Garçon and Kerley. They’re solid with Garçon having a higher floor and ceiling than Kerley. However, Goodwin brings world-class speed to the table. He needs to continue developing into a football player vs. a track athlete, but if you can bring some plus, plus trait to the table, you’ve got something to build on. It’s possible he could simply not work out, with his Buffalo years telling us all we need to know. But given Kyle Shanahan’s offensive prowess, there is some reason for optimism.