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Brian Hoyer mic’d up at 49ers practice

We find out a possible nickname for Cole Hikutini.

The San Francisco 49ers have been mic’ing up players and coaches at practice sessions this offseason, and the latest is quarterback Brian Hoyer . The 49ers mic’d him up during minicamp, and you can watch the video above.

I’m always entertained when early in the videos the person tells everyone around him that he is mic’d up. People around him either immediately clam up, or give him some grief about it.

The other highlight of Hoyer’s mic’d up segment is when we learn that Cole Hikutini’s nickname might be “Dirty Martini.” After he makes a nice play, Hoyer gives him a shout-out. Then, Kyle Juszczyk yells out “There you go, Dirty ‘Tini.” Hoyer asks him what Juszczyk called Hikutini, and the fullback says, “I guess people call him ‘Dirty Martini,’ Hikutini.” He’s kind of sheepish in explaining it.

If you can’t see it above, you can give it a watch here.