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Mike Shanahan is having a pretty proud Father’s Day

His son followed in his footsteps and is a head coach and he gets to come out and make sure his son does things the right way.

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Yesterday, we brought an interesting unknown tidbit about Mike Shanahan replacing George Seifert in 1995, but in that same interview, there was a bit about how Shanahan was spending his Father’s Day this year. The entire interview is a really good listen if you have time as it talks about the decision to bring Kyle to Washington and the nepotism accusations in doing so. While it’s nothing we’ve haven’t heard, it’s incredibly interesting to hear it from the elder Shanahan’s perspective.

Shanahan was on the Talk of Fame Network and was asked first what his best Father’s day moment was:

That’s a great question. I think that anytime you have a Father’s Day and it comes at different times a year, not really sure what you’re doing with football, just being involved with your kids. I’m fortunate enough with Kyle and my daughter Krystal, that when you do get that day, it’s pretty special. I can’t name just one particular day, but just spending time with my kids is pretty special to me.

They went a bit further on it asking if it was a bit more special being that Kyle Shanahan followed in his footsteps becoming a head coach, and that Mike Shanahan got to spend time this week at minicamp with his son.

You know it really is. To get a chance to come here. Especially after being away. I haven’t done anything over here for the last 4 months. Then all the sudden, you get a chance to come here and watch what they’ve been able to do in free agency and the draft and how they run their practices and what the scouts are doing in the organization. It feels pretty good to watch. You can tell they’re on top of it. There’s always high expectations. We understand what’s happened over the last three years and there’s one goal and one mission and that’s getting back on track and hopefully eventually getting the job done and that’s winning a Super Bowl.

With that said, we here at Niners Nation hope all of you are having a splendid Father’s Day.