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49ers 2017 schedule wallpapers for iPhone, Android, desktop

Get ready for the season by downloading the new 49ers schedule wallpapers for your desktop or mobile.

A new season means it’s new wallpaper time. Clearly, Better Rivals’ staff designer Joce Bossin was inspired by the influx of talent, as this year we have a rookie-focused wallpapers. For you nostalgic folks, the mobile wallpapers include one for Carlos Hyde.

The mobile versions might look doubled, but this is by design. They include one with the schedule for the iPhone lock screen, and one without the schedule for the home screen. Sorry Android lovers, we didn’t create 137 different versions to account for all the different screen sizes. I think the mobile version will serve you just fine.

To download the wallpapers, simply right click on the image you want and save as. On an iPhone you can tap and hold to save.