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49ers to bring back the helmet car!

The 49ers are bringing back all the hits.

The San Francisco 49ers made a host of announcements during Wednesday’s “State of the Franchise” event, but team president Al Guido saved an important one for Thursday. During an appearance on KNBR, when asked if Sourdough Sam would be returning, Guido confirmed that, and then also said the team would be bringing back the famed helmet car.

In case you don’t remember, here it is, on display at SFO back in 2015 prior to Levi’s Stadium hosting Super Bowl 50.

49ers helmet car
49ers helmet car
Robert Alberino

I don’t remember when we last saw that bad boy on the field, but I imagine Sourdough Sam will be taking a ride around in it. I imagine the 49ers will make sure and speak to Sam about avoiding giving fans the middle finger. Even if they deserve it, it’s best for a mascot to avoid doing that.