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Reuben Foster shows off his ‘Dirty Bird’

It’s not quite what Jamal Anderson did, but I’m still rooting for him to get into the end zone.

Reuben Foster is quickly emerging as a fan favorite among 49ers fans, showing off a fun, easy-going personality. On Wednesday at the “State of the Franchise” event, Foster offered up some dance moves during a rapid fire segment with four of the team’s rookies.

The rookies were asked which of them would have the best dance if they got in the end zone. Foster immediately raised his hand and said it would be him. He said he might do a little bit of a “Dirty Bird.” He hopped up and put it together, which you can see in the GIF above or video below. Thanks to suer Axtone for making the GIF, and chuck430 for posting the video.

For the younger crowd, you can watch some old video of Jamal Anderson doing it. Foster’s version looks a little more like a chicken dance, albeit not Merton Hanks version. Kate Scott gave him some grief about the dance, but I am officially fully on board with seeing Foster take an interception or fumble to the house.

Here is some more video from the 49ers “rookie rapid fire” segment at Wednesday’s State of the Franchise event.