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Russell Wilson Nike commercial has the 49ers literally on roller skates

As much as I dislike Russell Wilson and the Seahawks, this is a pretty great commercial.

I gotta admit something here. I hate how much I enjoy this new Nike commercial.

Russell Wilson is sporting a new Nike cleat, and he is putting them on display in a home game against the San Francisco 49ers. After the snap, Wilson does his thing evading a pass rusher in the backfield. As he moves out and scrambles past the line of scrimmage and another defender approaches him, the shot cuts to his shoes and goes into slow motion.

The only sounds had been game and player noise, but at this cut, we get some 70s music. The commercial then cuts to a 49ers player approaching him, and suddenly we see the defender wearing roller skates and having them slide out from under him. That is followed by a host of 49ers falling on their butts as Wilson “puts them on skates.

Russell Wilson bugs me, and yet I can’t help but enjoy this commercial. Part of it is the disco music. I’m not a huge disco fan, but in this case, the use of the roller skates makes the music a perfect choice. I wish I didn’t like it as much as I do!