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Pete Carroll: Seahawks not doing anything with Colin Kaepernick yet, but ‘he’s a starter in this league’

The wait continues for the free agenct quarterback.

The Seattle Seahawks brought in Colin Kaepernick for a visit a couple weeks back, but for the time being they are not signing him. Head coach Pete Carroll spoke to the media at OTAs, and was asked about Kaepernick. He said the team saw his visit as a chance to “keep abreast of what’s available to the team.” He thinks Kaepernick is a starter in the NFL, and will sign somewhere eventually, but for now Seattle was passing.

I’m not entirely sure why Carroll and the Seahawks would not try and sign Kaepernick given how important the QB position is. One thing we don’t know is what kind of money Colin Kaepernick wants. It is possible that prevented something happening, but it’s possible Carroll is also just blowing some smoke. We can’t say for certain because the one anonymous report suggesting Kaepernick wanted $8 million or $10 million was refuted without any idea of what he actually wants. He certainly doesn’t have to say how much he wants considering how negotiations work, but it leaves us guessing.

Teams are working their way through OTAs, and with June upon us, offseason workout programs will be complete in about two weeks. Players then go their separate ways until returning for training camp in late July.

We’ve seen some injuries pop up around the league, with Matt Cassel and Mark Sanchez both sidelined. Both are expected back by training camp. Seattle did not entirely foreclose signing Kaepernick, but if they don’t sign him, the only remaining chance would seem to be if an injury happens. Cleveland still seems to make some sense, but they seem content to see if Brock Osweiler can offer any kind of competition for Cody Kessler, while Deshone Kizer continues his rehab. And in New Jersey, the Jets seem comfortable with Josh McCown for the time being. So, the wait will continue.