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Rashard Robinson, Marquise Goodwin seem to have buried the hatchet

I imagine the competition will still be intense when things get more physical in training camp.

NFL free agency has resulted in tremendous roster turnover, and that often results in one-time rivals teaming up. We’ve seen many examples of it over the years, and this year, we have a version of it on the San Francisco 49ers. It’s not exactly a high profile rivalry, but it was something!

Back in March, after the 49ers signed wide receiver Marquise Goodwin, Twitter found a February Goodwin tweet calling out Rashard Robinson for crowing about his performance in the Bills game last season. A day later, Robinson tweeted at Goodwin, “see you in ota's my G.”

It’s safe to say any hatchet that might have existed was quickly buried. During minicamp, Goodwin was chatting with the media, and when asked which of the 49ers defensive backs was fast enough among to keep up with him, he cited Robinson. Additionally, 49ers sub-Reddit user Cali4Ya came across this picture on imgur. Robinson is No. 33, Goodwin is No. 11, and Will Redmond is No. 23. I’m not sure if the other player is 26 (RB Kapri Bibbs) or 20 (DB Don Jones).

I was not expecting there to be some kind of big beef between Goodwin and Robinson, particularly at this point in the offseason workout program. But I do imagine there remains plenty of friendly rivalry between the defensive backs and wide receivers. It will turn into a much more significant competition when training camp arrives and the players can get more physical. When Goodwin was asked about the fastest player, he made it clear that the rules of OTAs and minicamp favor the wide receivers. There is no bump and run allowed, and the 49ers cornerbacks are going to be getting more physical this season. It should make for some fun competition.