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49ers training camp opening day officially announced

No word yet on the 49ers full practice schedule.

The NFL officially announced the start date of training camp for all 32 NFL teams. The San Francisco 49ers will kick things off on Thursday July 27, with both rookies and veterans reporting that day.

The 49ers date is an expected one. Teams cannot start training camp more than 15 days prior to their first regular season game. With the 49ers kicking off their preseason schedule on August 11 against the Kansas City Chiefs, July 27 is the 15 days prior. And I can’t imagine any team would willingly give up training camp days and start later.

We are officially five weeks exactly from the 27th. Some NFL teams have announced their practice schedules, but the 49ers are still finalizing that information. There are limitations on how many consecutive days a team can practice, and the 49ers also have at least one joint practice with the Denver Broncos to figure out.

Once the schedule is sorted out, we’ll also find out if the team will have any practices open to the public. Since the construction of Levi’s Stadium first began, the team has cut back on open practices. This past year, they held an open session at Kezar Stadium, and that was the only public session of the offseason. I am not holding my breath for more than that this year, but maybe John Lynch and Kyle Shanahan’s culture change will include opening things up to the public a bit more.