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Golden Nuggets: John Dorsey is now available

Your San Francisco 49ers links for Saturday, June 24th 2017

Another slow weekend. It’s a matter of weeks until things in the wonderful world of football get going again, until then, I have some video games to play and other things to do.

I figured I’d chime in on this John Dorsey firing business. First, it’s curious as to why they let him go before going into his final year under contract, but there were reports earlier this year that he’d go back to Green Bay—where he cut his teeth on this whole executive thing.

Digging around, it seems like the reason Dorsey was let go of was not because of the Jeremy Maclin release, or any sort of punishment for that matter, but because they couldn’t get his contract extension figured out. Given the above report and now this, perhaps the Chiefs were trying to advert any potential future disaster by letting him walk.

The San Francisco 49ers went through their own version of this with the Jim Harbaugh saga in 2014/2015. Now, Harbaugh wanted to stay—that much has been said, but what led to the inevitable “mutual parting of ways” all stemmed from contract talks going sour and tabling the discussion.

We’ll probably know more about this firing or if it’s a mutual parting of ways quite soon. It’s amazing how many previous execs of the year are losing their jobs. This season changes so fast.

Onto the links:

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