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Time stamps for John Lynch interview with KNBR

The San Francisco 49ers general manager had a lengthy interview with the folks over at KNBR. Here are your timestamps to hear what he had to say.

This week, San Francisco 49ers general manager John Lynch went onto KNBR and got asked some pretty deep questions about how his job so far. There’s some stuff resentment in the league for him getting the job, his future plans in the 2018 draft, and his thoughts on the wide receiver corps.

The entire podcast interview is worth a listen when you get a free moment. However, if you are pressed for time and want to find some specific segments, I put together a rundown of time stamps for pertinent topics. There are some areas where they had him elaborate on a given topic, but this is a good breakdown of what was discussed when.

00:23 — Biggest job when nobody is looking
01:35 — Possible resentment from around the league on walking into a GM spot when others have worked hard to get here
03:15 — Were the trades in the 2017 draft made with a quarterback in the 2018 class in mind?
05:15 — Would Kaepernick get back into the league if he was fully commited?
06:56 — The new guys he’s most excited about
10:10 — Working at FOX vs being back in the league
12:15 — Can Lorenzo Jerome work out in the NFL?
14:25 — What fans consistently say to him in the Bay Area
16:45 — The status of Navarro Bowman
18:35 — Is Hoyer enough to win games?
19:55 — Thoughts on the wide receiver group