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Watch Jeff Fisher tell his coaches he’s been fired, & Mike Singletary offer a dramatic handshake

So cheesy, and yet so Singletary.

The NFL and Amazon are releasing “All or Nothing” on Friday, in which we follow the 2016 season of the then St. Louis Rams. By all accounts it’s a very solid show, but they got an unexpected bump of drama. Head coach Jeff Fisher was fired after 13 games, and Amazon got it in all its glory.

I’m generally not one to dance on the grave of someone getting fired. And in the case of an NFL head coach, his assistant coaches all could be out of a job, and find themselves in a tough spot.

But I will say that regardless of how you feel about Jeff Fisher, this video is kind of incredible. And I suggest watching it all the way until the end for the dramatic moment when defensive assistant Mike Singletary gets up and offers a strong handshake to Fisher, along with a “Thanks.”

Singletary and Fisher go way back, having joined the Chicago Bears as rookies back in 1981. It’s not surprising to see Singletary offer that kind of emotional handshake. It comes across as a bit cheesy, but somehow it is not surprising to see Singletary do something like that.

I have not seen the full episode, but according to our friends at Turf Show Times, nobody went up to shake Fisher’s hand at that point. Maybe it happened later off camera, but TST said it was a little awkward on camera after Singletary went up.

Anyway, you can check out the video below.