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Kansas City Chiefs release Jeremy Maclin

Yes, the 49ers absolutely should be dialing him up.

Some interesting news for what was a slow Friday happened over in Kansas City when the Chiefs released wide receiver Jeremy Maclin. Given the Chiefs need for wide receivers before Maclin arrived (they went an entire season without a touchdown pass to a wide receiver), the release is a bit of a head scratcher, but it makes sense from a cap standpoint.

Maclin was due a $10 million salary in 2017, and his $7 million dead money hit will be divided into two seasons. Clearly this was a money issue. That said, given the Chief’s now apparent need at wide receiver, he could re-sign on a cheaper deal while the Chiefs eat the money, but don’t count on it.

That leaves him in a free agent market dried up with wide receivers. There definitely is a suitor for him out there, and coming to San Francisco isn’t entirely out of the question. In fact, it’s a good idea. He’d get to be another weapon for Brian Hoyer, and make a very stout WR corps with Pierre Garcon. In fact, with the addition of Maclin, the 49ers wide receivers would probably be the best they’ve been in a decade. Given his age, they won’t be world beaters, but at least they’d finally have wide receivers that get open rather than lucky.

It’s also a good fit for the team. Maclin’s played in a west coast offense under Andy Reid for most of his career. It’s not Kyle Shanahan’s offense, but going from Reid and Alex Smith to Shanahan and Hoyer wouldn’t be too tough of a transition.

But there’s of course one problem: The 49ers aren’t exactly contenders right now. They are rebuilding, Maclin’s veteran leadership would be called upon and he’d be expected to help out the younger guys. Would he be willing to do that on a one-year deal worth $8 or $9 million?

There also is the other issue. As said above, the wide receiver market is dried up, and no team can have enough good wide receivers, or good teams that need that shot in the arm to get over the hump. Maclin very easily could sign with the Arizona Cardinals or the New England Patriots before he goes to a rebuilding franchise like the 49ers.

But as Paraag says, all we need is for John Lynch to get on the phone. Would you pursue Maclin? Is he worth it at the state the 49ers are in?