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Joe Staley talks about punching NaVorro Bowman in the face

The whole segment is fantastic. We need a Bo and Staley Show.

The San Francisco 49ers “State of the Franchise” event on Wednesday featured a whole range of entertaining segments with rookies, veterans, coaches, and front officer personnel. There were plenty of great segments, but the best might have been when NaVorro Bowman and Joe Staley took the stage. You can watch the full thing here, starting at 1 hour, 37 minutes.

The segment above is one of the highlights of it. Bowman was talking about how Staley won a contest the team had for best overall performance in the various strength and conditioning drills. For winning the program, the strength staff made a big cardboard cut-out of Staley. Bowman apparently was in the training room and punched it, saying he was sick of “seeing his fat face.” Staley said, well, you punched it, so I’m gonna punch you. He apparently then went to throw a fake punch, but Staley says Bowman leaned into it and he accidentally made contact. Naturally, Staley was scared of how Bowman would react, but it seems like they worked that one out.

I’d recommend giving the whole segment a watch when you get a minute.