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Golden Nuggets: Keep it quiet please

San Francisco 49ers links for Friday June 30, 2017

I can’t believe Steven Seaweed has been on the air 44 years. Being a big Rock & Roll fan, I have been listening to him off and on for a large part of that time. I wish him all the best with his retirement.

I am not sure naming that Joe Montana and Jerry Rice the best QB- WR duo is even newsworthy. Isn’t that kind of like saying the grass is green? Grant Cohn is back to making up his own news and suddenly Lorenzo Jerome out of St Francis is the greatest thing since the light bulb. I guess we should just be happy and keep our fingers crossed for every slow news day between now and the beginning of training camp.

Here’s to the 49ers players staying safe and out of trouble. Speaking of staying safe and out of trouble, I hope everyone has a fantastic 4th of July weekend.

Now onto our hot links:

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