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Jerry Rice running routes at The Opening

I’m guessing he could still school some NFL cornerbacks!

Jerry Rice has still got it (The Opening)

Opublikowany przez Bleacher Report na 29 czerwca 2017

The college football recruiting process has gotten crazier and crazier over the years, and the number of offseason camps for recruits has exploded. I recently learned of something called “The Opening.” It’s a Nike event that puts on a variety of competition, including a 7-on-7 tournament.

All sorts of top prospects are on hand, but there are some notable veterans in the house. Arizona Cardinals wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald sat down with the players to talk about football and life. However, San Francisco 49ers legend Jerry Rice was also on hand, and did some drills with them. I’ve posted some video above, and if you can’t see that, you can watch it here. I’m guessing he could still do some damage to the occasional NFL cornerback!