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Time stamps for John Lynch interview with Pro Football Talk

The San Francisco 49ers general manager had a lengthy interview with the folks over at Pro Football Talk. Here are your timestamps to hear what he had to say.

Earlier last week, San Francisco 49ers general manager John Lynch sat down on Pro Football Talk’s PFT Live and got asked some pretty deep questions about how his job so far. There’s some stuff about the draft, who has surprised him on the field, and of course, the Colin Kaepernick questions.

The entire podcast interview is worth a listen when you get a free moment. However, if you are pressed for time and want to find some specific segments, I put together a rundown of time stamps for pertinent topics. There are some areas where they had him elaborate on a given topic, but this is a good breakdown of what was discussed when.

00:00 - The GM job; how much time has passed and the demands of the job
02:05 - How he evaluates success and what it takes
03:37 - The pre-draft process and how he selected guys
05:16 - The most important aspect of the OTAs/what’s legal, what’s not
08:27 - A player that’s presently surprised him in the offseason
10:25 - Thoughts on the rule on NFL rookies unable to practice until college graduation
11:45 - How will he define success?
13:35 - His response to those that say the 2018 starting quarterback isn’t on the roster
16:21 - The balance of quarterbacks taking hits and being able to continue
18:15 -On Navarro Bowman being on the trade block
20:10 -On the claims the 49ers are slandering Colin Kaepernick to the media
22:17 -Would the 49ers release Kaepernick had he not opted out?