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John Lynch, Elvis Dumervil played together with Broncos

The 49ers have added a lot of players that have history with the coach or GM. Some is purposeful, some could be coincidental.

The San Francisco 49ers agreed to terms with pass rusher Elvis Dumervil on Monday, adding some helpful depth to the team’s pass rush. The 49ers did not formally announce the move, rather John Lynch tweeted it out. The lack of an email press release suggests the paperwork has not been formally executed. That means we’ll get an email in the coming days, along with word as to which player was released to make room for Dumervil.

Lynch’s tweet of the move was a fitting one. It turns out Lynch and Dumervil once played together. In 2006, John Lynch was entering his 14th NFL season. That same year, the Broncos spent a fourth round pick on Dumervil. Lynch played through the 2007 season, so they got two seasons together. In those two years, Dumervil had 21 sacks, six fumble recoveries and an interception. It’s safe to say he likely made an impression on the then Broncos safety.

It will be interesting these next couple years to see how much John Lynch and Kyle Shanahan add players with whom they have a history. GMs and coaches are often pushing for players they know since if they know good things about a guy, they can easily vouch for it. The 49ers did not add only players they had specific history with, but it was clear the team wanted to bring in some “comfort players,” for lack of a better term. John Lynch will likely get a question or two about Dumervil the next time we hear him on the radio or see him on TV. I’m curious to see how this whole situation with Dumervil unfolded.