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Will Davis, Kyle Juszczyk welcome former Ravens teammate Elvis Dumervil

Baltimore west?

The San Francisco 49ers agreed to terms with veteran free agent Elvis Dumervil on Monday, marking the fourth player to move from Baltimore to the Bay Area. Dumervil joins free agent cornerback Will Davis, free agent fullback Kyle Juszczyk, and Jeremy Zuttah, acquired via trade.

Juszczyk and Davis excitedly welcomed their former and once again teammate on Twitter. Zuttah seems a little less active on social media.

It’s interesting to try and find patterns in a team’s free agency additions. We joke about the 49ers historical connection with the Chiefs. Dating back to Jim Harbaugh, we have seen a connection at times between the Ravens and 49ers. It is not nearly as high profile as with the Chiefs, but it is picking up a little steam.

It appears to be mostly a coincidence in this case, but that won’t stop us from bringing it up the next time the 49ers sign or trade for a Ravens player!