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Elvis Dumervil, Jeremy Zuttah might have too do battle over jersey No. 58

Into the steel cage they must go!

Earlier today, I wrote about how the San Francisco 49ers have acquired four players who used to play for the Baltimore Ravens, and two of them welcomed Elvis Dumervil on Twitter. One who did not is Jeremy Zuttah, who does not seem super active on social media. However, he does apparently check Instagram!

Dumervil posted a picture on Instagram that shows a 49ers uniform photoshopped onto him. A San Francisco fan account put together a version of it with Dumervil wearing No. 45. Dumervil wore No. 58 in Baltimore, and in Dumervil’s version, he is sporting that number.

And apparently it caught Jeremy Zuttah’s attention. Check out the comment from Zuttah!

I’m sure they’ll work this out, but I’m curious what Dumervil will be prepared to offer Zuttah for the number. For the time being, it will make for amusing chatter in the locker room as the team continues on with OTAs.