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Time stamps for Matt Maiocco podcast with 49ers legend Carmen Policy

Former San Francisco 49ers president Carmen Policy offered up some great insight into putting together the 49ers last Super Bowl winner.

Matt Maiocco is back with another 49ers Insider Podcast and this time he has one of the more important people in the draft room during the 1990s, former president Carmen Policy.

There was Bill Walsh, there was Eddie DeBartolo, and there was Carmen Policy. He may be the lesser known of the three names—but he was definitely just as important; he had DeBartolo’s ear during the most trying times of the 80s and 90s dynasty as his right hand man. If it wasn’t for Policy, Walsh would have been fired instead of retired, as he was documented talking DeBartolo out of firing Walsh. Several times.

It’s pretty lengthy, but it’s got some good insight and not just a bunch of chat about “the good ol’ days”. If you can’t find the time to listen to it, I’ve got the time stamps here so you can you can jump to a particular question you find interesting. Keep in mind, the interview doesn’t happen until around the 20 minute mark.

You can listen to the podcast here.

20:00 Reminiscing on the days when the 49ers and the Cowboys battled year after year.
22:10 - Feelings after losing the NFC Championship team in 1992.
24:30 - Was Dallas the better team in 1993?
27:50 - Getting the 1994 team put together.
31:08 - The backstage discussions of adding Deion Sanders in 1994.
37:44 - The similarities of the 49ers in the 90s and the current Golden State Warriors team.
42:33 - On getting elected into the Bay Area Sports Hall of Fame.
44:00 - What he thinks is the gold standard organization in sports.
47:00 - What he thinks of the matching of Shanahan and Lynch.
51:24 - Memories of Kyle Shanahan as a ballboy during the 90s.
53:33 - On encouraging signs that the organization is finally ‘getting it’.
55:54 - Status of the winery.