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Kirk Cousins contract talks taking on more positive tone

Can Washington actually get something done? They’ve got a couple notable deadlines between now and next spring.

Washington and quarterback Kirk Cousins have been a ways apart in contract discussions, but Adam Schefter is reporting some progress is being made. Schefter reported on Wednesday that team president Bruce Allen met with Cousins’ agent face-to-face last month for the first time in two years. This comes as Dan Snyder is reportedly, “gotten involved, making it known how much Washington wants to re-sign Cousins.”

The deadline for franchised players to sign a long-term contract is July 15. After that franchised players have to play on the one-year deal and then negotiate a contract extension after the season. Schefter is reporting that even if they don’t get a deal done by July 15, there is a belief they could get something done after the season ends.

Cousins has acknowledged that deadlines do deals. And they do create some sense of urgency for a new contract. At the same time, the bigger deadline is not until next offseason, and Bruce Allen has said Washington would consider tagging Cousins a third time. I don’t expect that to actually happen, but it’s just one of many tools in each side’s attempt to gain some leverage.

There is something to be said about Allen and Cousins’ agent meeting in person, but I also am curious how much was just the fact that they both happened to be in the same place at the same time. Schefter suggested Washington is willing to recognize Cousins’ value a bit more, but we haven’t heard much more about the two sides actually coming closer together in numbers. Consider me skeptical for the time being, but maybe Washington surprises me.