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Brock Osweiler having strong performances in shorts and shells

June performance reports about bad football players are always amusing.

Welcome to June football!

The Cleveland Browns are trying to figure out their quarterback situation, and if anonymous players in June have their say, it apparently would be Brock Osweiler. The Browns acquired Osweiler in a trade that was effectively a salary dump by the Houston Texans. When the Browns issued a press release about the trade, Osweiler was actually listed after the 2018 second round draft pick they acquired.

Osweiler is currently competing with Cody Kessler for the starting job. Rookie DeShone Kizer is working through the developmental process and is likely going to be behind one or both of Osweiler and Kessler.

The Browns had a ton of cap space to take on Osweiler, and there was talk they would try and trade him elsewhere, or later release him. There is no real point in releasing him yet, so I suspect we’ll see plenty of him in the coming preseason. And at this point, barring another addition, I would be surprised if the Browns released Osweiler before the season started.

All that being said, June reports of football greatness should almost always be greeted with a fairly measured response. And it’s not just because these are the Browns.