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Questions, observations for 49ers third open OTA practice

This marks the final media availability of OTAs.

The San Francisco 49ers are back at practice Thursday afternoon, with an OTA practice session set for noon PT. It will be open to the media, and will be followed by availability with offensive positions coaches and then an open locker room. It is worth noting the 49ers will be open to the media for next week’s minicamp.

Jennifer Chan will be on hand for the practice and media availability. For practice, do you have anything in particular you’d like to hear about? Depth chart information is the most valuable when it comes to these non-contact workouts, but what else would you like to hear about?

After practice, the 49ers will bring in offensive position coaches to speak with the media. Usually they bring in a couple at a time, and media split their time between them. Do any position coaches jump out at you as being worth speaking to more than others, and any particular questions worth asking? Tight ends coach Jon Embree is probably worth a chat given all the potential turnover at that position. Running backs coach Bobby Turner will probably be a popular coach as well. Offensive line coach Jon Benton will be interesting to hear from with regard to the competition, and particularly how Trent Brown and Joshua Garnett are looking in the new offense.

We’ll have plenty about all of this, but drop a note in the comments with anything you are particularly interested in, and maybe Jennifer can check that out or ask that question.