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Odds for every single possible Super Bowl 52 matchup

49ers-Jets is where the money’s at!

The San Francisco 49ers have long odds to make the Super Bowl in 2018, but I’m sure few folks will drop down $10 or $20 on them. We now have some new odds to suck you in!

The Golden Nugget posted odds for every possible Super Bowl matchup, sorted by team. Here is the full list:

The 49ers naturally have long odds for each possible matchup, including the longest odds for a matchup with the New York Jets. The odds for that matchup are set at 5,000/1, which means if you bet $10, you win $50,000. What a winning option!

The shortest odds are a matchup with the New England Patriots at 150/1. The Patriots have the lowest odds with most teams, because they are incredibly heavy favorites to get to the Super Bowl this season. Here’s the full list of 49ers Super Bowl 52 odds:

vs. New England Patriots: 150/1

vs. Oakland Raiders: 200/1

vs. Pittsburgh Steelers: 400/1

vs. Denver Broncos: 750/1
vs. Houston Texans: 750/1
vs. Kansas City Chiefs: 750/1

vs. Indianapolis Colts: 1,000/1
vs. Miami Dolphins: 1,000/1
vs. Baltimore Ravens: 1,000/1
vs. Cincinnati Bengals: 1,000/1
vs. Tennessee Titans: 1,000/1
vs. Los Angeles Chargers: 1,000/1

vs. Buffalo Bills: 2,000/1
vs. Jacksonville Jaguars: 2,000/1

vs. Cleveland Browns: 3,000/1

vs. New York Jets: 5,000/1