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Golden Nuggets: All about the pass rush summit

Your San Francisco 49ers links for Saturday, July 1st 2017

Not much to really go on tonight now that the summer drought has hit us. The big news of the week seems to be Von Miller’s pass rushing academy, one that Solomon Thomas attended along with other 49ers defensive linemen.

Gotta take your hat off to Miller. In three months he’s going to want to be flattening the quarterbacks of the NFL, the 49ers’ Brian Hoyer included, yet he’s willing to have a summer workshop to work with the guys he’ll be competing against. He’s a huge competitor, but it says something where he wants to help out the younger ones or the others in the league with some of the things he’s learned.

Now that said, it may be a group of people just kind of trading some moves/insight they learned, either way, it’s really cool to see competitors get together like this in a sort of conference.

On a lighter note, has anyone seen the SNES Classic reveal this week? I was happy for about 5 minutes when I saw that game lineup (21 of the greatest games ever made, basically), then went depressed when I realized that this thing might retail for $80, but once the scalpers get their hands on it, it’s going for $250. Given the botched release of the NES Classic Edition last year, I’m not holding my breath that I’ll get my hands on one, even if Nintendo claims they will be making “significantly more”. Not that I really need one, but those things look so cool and nice to take around I still want it. Hopefully the scalpers don’t win this time around.

Onto your links!

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